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Message From The Sheriff

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Chattahoochee County Sheriff's Department. We have been responsible for public safety in Chattahoochee County since 1854.

Since becoming your Sheriff in 1973, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you in person. I try to keep you informed about issues of community safety and believe that members of the Sheriff's Department have a tremendous responsibility to you in the community.

- Sheriff Glynn Cooper



The primary function of The Chattahoochee County Sheriffs Office is law enforcement in the Cusseta-Chattahoochee County municipality. Sheriff Glynn Cooper was born in Chley County and raised in Stewart County. He moved to Chattahoochee County in 1954 where he has been serving since 1973. The crime rate tends to be very low in the community and has remained that way since Sheriff Cooper has been in office. Other services our office provides are:

  • Serve papers Serves legal documents from the courts to include: lawsuits and divorces.
    • Civil Papers Serves legal documents from the courts to include: lawsuits and divorces.
    • Warrants Serves criminal arrest warrants for both misdemeanors and felonies.
    • Subpoenas Serves summons to appear in court.
  • Funeral details Offers escort services for funerals. This includes escort from the home to the church and from the church to the burial site.
  • Traffic Enforcement of traffic laws to include: Speed Zones, Seatbelt, and DUI.
  • Dispatch Dispatch will send out EMS, Fire Department, and Law Enforcement.
  • Drug Enforcement Enforcement of Controlled Substances and Narcotics is handled by this department. We also have a well-trained canine unit to help find any illegal drugs in our community.
  • House Checks In the event you are going out of town, you can request the patrol units periodically drive by your home to monitor its well-being. Simply provide us with your address and we will add it to the patrols.
  • Ambulance Escorts The ambulance service is provided by multiple counties surrounding Chattahoochee County. Our job is to escort ambulances to their destinations.
  • County Coordination Handles law enforcement and penal coordination between counties in the state of Georgia.
  • Sex Offender Registry Lists all of the Sex Offenders living in the county. Provides the name, address, photo, conviction type, and conviction date.
  • Court Duty (Bailiff) Escorts prisoners from Jail to Court and back, to ensure safety and order in the court room. This is provided in Superior Court, Magistrate Court, Probate Court, and Juvenile Court.
  • Prisoner Transport Transport prisoners to specified jurisdictions and retrieve prisoners for our jurisdiction.